Tuesday training

Today I and my friend Tony were going for a biking trip. I was of course biking on my Specialized and Tony was “biking” on his Street  strider. I must say that I think it’s amazing that we could keep such a good speed with these two different bikes. We did around 30 km in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, after this I did ten more km.
It’s really nice to have a companion when you are out biking and I was really impressed that Tony could going so fast with his bike.

This evening I received a packet from komplett.se, it was my new Garmin Edge 800 biking GPS. I need to update it with some new maps but besides that it looks perfect. My plan is to use it for the first time on Thursday.

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Hi everybody!

So, finally back in Sweden! It has been two weeks with lots to do and not much time for training. As I wrote before I have sent my MTB with the container and my plan was to buy a cyclocross but sadly I couldn’t find any that I liked. So what did I do? Sat down and cried? No, I found out that it was not really a cyclocross that I needed, it must be better with a road bike! 😀

I have only been out biking 5 times with the new bike but it feels great. The only thing missing now is a well-trained body but I have not found any good place to buy that, guess I have to continue with my old one. 😀


Tuesday training

On Tuesday it was over 30 degrees in the shadow and that is perfect for some biking. I’m not really used to the warm weather yet so I took a short trip. Not only because of the heat I also had some muscle soreness from the Sunday biking.
I did my ordinary, around 35 km, ride in about 1 hour and 25 minutes. I can’t describe with words how much I am looking forward to come home to Sweden this summer for some biking in the wonderful Swedish nature. If you also would like to go biking in the Swedish nature this summer you should check out following link. (Unfortunately there is no good English translation but if you have any question just send me a mail)

So, after my biking trip I took a swim in the pool for the first time this year. Cold, so cold.
I have to say that if I shall enjoy the swimming it shall be warmer, around 30 degrees is perfect. Yesterday it was only 20-25 degrees.


Ok, once again I have done more training than writing and I think that it would be the same for the next weeks. We will have a farewell party and then we will start to put all our things in boxes for the containershipment to Sweden.

On Thursday I did some interval training, 4×4 min indoor and it was as hard and boring as every time, but it feels great after. I also did some strength exercises.
Today I went for some biking to Taihu lake. It was a little bit cold when I went out, 20 degrees, and around 5 m/s wind against me. After a while it got warmer and it was feeling quite ok. I still have some problem with my tailbone and knees but I managed to continue.
The result was around 67 km in 3 hours.


Tuesday training

I went for a easy ride in the evening because my knees were still hurting. The temperature is now over 30 degrees and it is wonderful. I did 33 km in one and a half hour.
I had really been looking forward to go biking in ordinary shoes because of some “almost” accidents but now when I finally is doing it it´s almost more dangerous.